Stand up for Labour values


The past few days have been upsetting. And I don’t mean that I have ‘a heavy heart’. I mean that my spirit has been tested to its limit by a sinister, co-ordinated attempt to topple the democratically elected leader of the Labour Party. There is no doubt that this was planned for weeks: we’ve had rumours of it since before the local elections and way before the EU referendum.

Some MPs who resigned may have been misled by the situation (ie not aware this was co-ordinated weeks ago) and may think there this is a genuine sudden idea that Jeremy Corbyn must go, but most of these resignations were done according to a plan. There was one every hour or so, just to keep the story running. I’ve also been told by a source close to one of the MPs who resigned that the architect of all this is a well-known bully in the party.

Many of the MPs who resigned were holding responsible positions: on things like the economy (during a financial crisis) and on Northern Ireland and Scotland (during a constitutional crisis). It is inexcusable that they have taken part in this coup at such an important time.

The right spirit

In the past four years I have organised over 180 Stand up for Labour events all over the country in order to support many of these MPs in their campaigns. I’ve travelled thousands of miles and returned in the early hours (and then done my day job) and hardly covered my costs. I’ve worked flat out and I’ve done this out of love for the Labour Party. What I’ve seen at Stand up for Labour has lifted my spirits: people getting together socially and enjoying a night out together in support of the Labour Party. They have all been about unity and a sense of community – nothing like what has been shown in the behaviour of these MPs.

We can’t win an election unless we are united and we are in good spirits. Tony Blair won in 1997 because people were hopeful and united. Getting rid of Jeremy Corbyn through a coup will destroy our spirit and will divide us.

There are still some tickets left for Stand up for Labour in Chiswick tomorrow night (Wednesday 29 June). Speaking on the night will be John McDonnell and Ruth Cadbury (MP for Brentford & Isleworth), with comedy from John Moloney, magic from Ian Saville, poetry from Attila the Stockbroker and music from Grace Petrie. To buy a ticket, click here.

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