Will ‘JC4pM for me’ get airplay if it hits the charts?

I’m writing this blog in a greasy spoon cafe in Brentford where the plasma TV is tuned into a music channel. The channel is churning out Christmas songs from the past, mixed with singles in the charts. I’ve just seen Slade, Band Aid, the X-Factor winner and Chris Rea’s ‘Driving Home for Christmas’.

No one is watching the telly other than me and I’m only watching with a sense of incredulity: the Christmas single I put together with Robb Johnson and the Corbynistas could soon be above some of these songs in the charts.

This will not only show how strong the support is for Jeremy Corbyn, but will be a considerable help to foodbanks (via the Trussell Trust).

At the moment it is number four on the Amazon Best Sellers chart and is the number two ‘hot new release’. Calculating the chart involves totalling digital downloads, streaming data and sales of CDs and vinyl. I could have totally misjudged this but ‘JC4pM for me’ is highly likely to be in the top 40 if the Amazon download figure is high enough. (I’d like to add that I’m not keen to support Amazon in any way but many more people have an account with them than the other providers.)

But what is the chance that the radio or TV music channels will actually play ‘JC4PM for me’ if it makes the charts? Would the powers that be try to stop a song that includes the line ‘I’m voting Jeremy Corbyn’ and talks about political issues like austerity from being broadcast?

Most importantly, would the BBC include it on the radio show that announces the chart at 4pm on Friday? When ‘Ding Dong The Witch is Dead’ reached the charts they refused to play it and put a short excerpt on a news broadcast instead!

If you are interested in finding out what the BBC will do – and want to make it happen – you can download the single by clicking on the links below.

You can also download from more than one provider at a time to increase the chart position and each costs between 69p and £1:




Google Play

You can also stream it on Spotify.



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