My heart is broken

I know I can be melodramatic at times, but the past three weeks have been emotionally challenging. I have struggled to sleep, over-eaten, listened to Mahler on repeat and generally felt as though life has no meaning. Like Young Werther in Goethe’s novel, I have been hoping and praying that the object of my passion will see me heroically and that I will win her heart. Everyday I have hoped to receive an email about a fundraising events role within the Labour Party. And now I have – only to be told I will not even be getting an interview.

Let me explain.

For nearly five years I have put on fundraising events for different Constituency Labour Party groups. I’ve travelled all over the country (England, Scotland and Wales), organising over 200 gigs. I’ve lost paid work through doing it and only covered my costs. My family has suffered not only the financial side but by my absence and my fatigue. And I’ve put on weight, written off a car and acquired more grey hairs. All for my adored Labour Party.

I welcomed Jeremy Corbyn’s victory in the leadership elections because we now have a party with a continually growing membership. I decided to put all my energy into supporting Jeremy Corbyn against the negative media by putting on big #JC4PM events and these were, by and large, very successful. I even went further than this by producing a 7 inch single by Robb Johnson and the Corbynistas!

So when it was pointed out to me that the Labour Party had a job vacancy going for ‘Development Manager – Fundraising Events’, I was hopeful that all my hard work would be acknowledged. Not only did I have all the essential skills required (project management/IT/communications), but I know how the Labour Party works and have met so many MPs and members from all over the party. I filled out the application form as though it were written for me and sent it off.

And now three and a half weeks later, I received this email.

Rejection letter

I ask myself why I haven’t even been given an interview for the job. Is it because I have written about how frustrated I am by the lack of support for Stand up for Labour? Should I have been more stoical? But then I think that it is better to speak up if you see something is wrong – or how will anything change? Would it be better if I didn’t support the leader of the party?

I think about the time I had to pay £1,800 to have a stand at the Labour Conference in Brighton just to advertise the fact I was raising money for the Labour Party. And I think about how I was given half an hour in a kitchen at the Labour headquarters when I asked for help two years ago. And then I think about how I have helped raise over £150,000 – even without a job for the Labour Party.

This is unrequited love.

12 thoughts on “My heart is broken

  1. Martin Langley

    Oh dear, oh dear, what words of comfort could possibly sooth such a misfortune. Time is a great healer, the hurt will pass. Years ago I gave up looking for justice in the job market, there simply is none. Redirect your obvious fundraising talent to getting rich, – then promise the party a large contribution and don’t deliver it.


  2. Michael William Bailey

    Let me be frank, Human Resources teams are usually led by morons. I would not be surprised if our own party had an inept HR team that failed to bother reading your CV.

    The disconnect between workers and managers is nothing new. It is unfortunate that such a talented individual as yourself was completely overlooked.


  3. Heidi

    It’s political and it’s always been political. Nepotisn is rife.
    Yep you could do the job blindfolded etc. I’d be annoyed not heartbroken. You deserve better. I’m sorry for you.


  4. Kim Tan

    Many officers and office holdrrs in the party are vehemently anti Corbyn and your support for Corbyn will have been a big black mark against you. Tragic but true. It’s disgusting.


  5. Peter Searles

    Absolutely outrageous !
    I attended your first JC4PM event in Camden – you did a fantastic job.
    It’s a no brainer you should at least have got an initial interview. I strongly suspect point made is previous comment is the case.
    Very best wishes for whatever you decide next.


  6. Alison wood

    We Went to JC4PM in Manchester, was absolutely fantastic inspiring event and atmosphere. Would love to hear you were working in the heart of the Labour Party.. is there some sort of non cooperation campaign going on? Best wishes to you,


  7. Kim Cooper

    So wrong 😡 ‘Because, if you could love someone, and keep loving them, without being loved back . . . then that love had to be real. It hurt too much to be anything else.” Sarah Cross.


  8. Carmen Malaree

    Sorry to hear what you are going through. The bureaucratic machine of the party is managed by the wrong people. This is a fight for all of us, members who want to reinstate true labour values.



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