If I can do it for the Labour Party, I can do it for anyone

Having put on over 200 fundraising events for the Labour Party, I have decided to move on and offer my services to other organisations.

In my experience there is no better way to energise members or supporters. And the money raised is a bonus.

Five years ago, I organised my first Stand up for Labour event. At that time, I had no experience of promotion and I worked every hour of the day to make the first night a success. The result of my hard work was 200 people packed into a Chiswick pub to watch headline act Arthur Smith.

I was inspired by that night to offer to support other CLPs across the country and, before long, I was in Corby putting on a comedy night with Arnold Brown and Hal Cruttenden (among others) in preparation for the by-election. This was followed by events from Swansea to Hull; Saltcoats to Hastings (I was going to try writing a list of all the towns and cities I visited in this time but it would take so long and would just look like a directory).

Photo 20-02-2015, 17 06 54


My best memories of Stand up for Labour are of the kindness and generosity of Labour Party members and the camaraderie that is often so lacking in Labour Party meetings. There are so many examples of this that it makes me tearful.

Stand up for Labour is not sustainable without the support of the Labour Party. I have lobbied for support on a few occasions but it has appeared to me that the only fundraising methods that are supported are those that involve courting rich members.


Brightest Events is now contacting organisations to offer them support for their campaigns. We have a venue in central London and access to a fantastic range of comedians, poets, musicians and speakers who can inspire their members.

If you are reading this and think that we can put on an event for your charity, your union or a campaign group you are involved with, please contact office@brightestevents.com

If I can do it for Labour, then I can do it for anyone.

4 thoughts on “If I can do it for the Labour Party, I can do it for anyone

  1. Jayne Liddle

    What a shame Crispin, that you are not finding support for in the Labour Party, what sound like, fabulous and I would say, essential fundraisers. Really disappointing to say the least!


  2. ruthvrosenau

    Sad news Crispin, you’ve done an amazing job of raising the profile of the Party and filling the coffers to date…
    Here in sunny Stoke we are hoping that you’ll continue your fabulous work and help us in having our Stand Up evening.


  3. Niamh

    Hope you will still be doing it for Labour, I can’t believe the lack of support you are getting. But great idea to do it for other organisations and get paid for it. Stand up for labour is just great.


  4. PensionCredit60

    Hope you can be used, please, by WASPI Ltd to help in fund raising for their coming maladministration court case for us 3 million 1950s born ladies denied state pension, pension credit, winter fuel allowance from 60 til 66 since 2013. http://www.waspi.co.uk
    I am not part of WASPI Ltd but one of the 3 million victims. I am a small PENSION CREDIT 60 NOW to support the poorest 1950s born ladies who if got a bridge pension would lose working age benefits and not gain pensioner help only entitled when can claim pension credit from age 60 for men and women (under Universal Credit neither of a couple can claim even if husband is right age if the wife is below the raised pension age). PENSION CREDIT 60 NOW



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